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Cigars in the American Culture

Cigars in the early 1900s were one of the more popular industries in major cities of the United States. Any black-and-white photo showing the beginning years of any major city will often have a five cent cigar store in the background. New York is famous for this. Cigar rollers often from Italy Spain who have recently immigrated to the US brought much diversity to commerce including cigars. Cigars were also socially accepted at that time and integrated into the fabric of the major cities in the early years of the United States. The stores and local manufacturers never really grew big as some other brands of the day like H. Upmann but they serve their niche customers. Boston and New York, Chicago cigar makers were easily attainable and visible to the citizens at that time. As the years went on these stores eventually dropped off as they were not as profitable as conventional retail merchants.


The tobacco use in cigars of those days consisted primarily of American tobacco. This tobacco was later overshadowed by the far superior taste of imported cigar tobacco. Unable to compete with this premium leaf, the US manufacturers dissipated. Cigars are now imported and acclaimed from countries like the Dominican Republic and great care goes into the cigar making process overseas for export into the US. Now there are no premium hand rolled cigar manufacturers that will make American tobacco cigars.