Cigar Roller for conventions, trade shows and large events.

Cigar Roller at convention trade show after party

*All cigar roller entertainment has the primary objective to create a captive audience by engaging attendees with multiple reasons to intentionally visit your booth.

*Trade show and convention pricing is specifically created so clients can select graphics for custom cigar labels, quantity of cigars, hours and model of cigars.

Cigar Catering® provides cigar rollers planned by in-house, cigar knowledgeable planners for trade shows on a national level. This unique experience always draws an audience of attendees at conventions, trade shows, corporate events and golf outings.

Cigar roller features for trade shows are a popular choice for exhibitors due to the captive audience it creates. When the feature of cigar rolling is visually available for attendees, the opportunity to start conversations with guests becomes easy. This is the simple formula for success at your booth, trade show, golf outing or business conference. Get a quote for your event

"Cigar Catering® will provide you with a "cigar planner" to guide you to make the best decisions, even if you know nothing about cigars."

Male or female cigar roller shown at golf awards dinner

Over sixteen cigar rollers now roll cigars at events in 29 cities with male or female cigar artisans that work perfectly for corporate events, especially large trade shows. Cigar rollers and cigar events are planned and produced by our service marked events division called Cigar Catering®. CF Dominicana is a premium cigar brand with tobacco and cigars imported from the Dominican Republic with absolutely no cigars made in the U.S. Cigar Catering® assigns "cigar planners" that are experts event planners with the unique combination of being cigar knowledgeable, so you do not have to know about cigars and still receive your desired presentation. Large outdoor events benefit greatly from a cigar roller feature, cigars and Cigar Servers with past events ranging from 800 to 7,000 attendees and guests, large guest lists are a specialty.

A cigar feature is important for booth locations with less than optimal visibility on the show floor. Once a cigar roller is announced at your booth, whether by signage or passing out flyers, attendees and guests will seek you out and search for your booth at the time the cigar rolling demonstration begins. The cigar feature gives a reason for attendees to visit your booth, creating a valuable boost to your visibility. Package pricing specific to trade shows, allow for clients to create their own package of features with multiple hours and quantity of cigars to match the budget.

Phone for Miami cigar roller events

Custom cigar labels with company logos are included free with every cigar roller feature at trade shows, conventions and corporate golf outings and dinners.

Custom Cigar Bands or cigar labels can feature your company logo to add name recognition when given to attendees. The custom cigar labels are included with each cigar roller event and are a great way to help reinforce new relationships that develop from the demonstration as every puff the attendee takes on their cigar, reminds them of your company name, booth and the experience long after the show is over.

All corporate events can be confident that the cigars presented are imported from the Dominican Republic

CF Dominicana is a premium cigar brand using only imported cigars. If you don't know the difference, contact us. There have been instances where your good intentions boomerang with attendees that are cigar knowledgeable and have cigars in their lifestyle. The internet is full of "gig workers" trying to copy Cigar Catering® however, your mistake will only be realized at the event with cheap cigars. Searching the Internet by price means you are not qualified to make decisions regarding this niche feature. This poor decision making is the equivalent of presenting a cheap bottle of wine to a dinner party - a complete fail.


Here is just one example of how the knowledge of a "cigar planner" is necessary for your event, the length of the cigar.
The length of a cigar translates into smoking time. This is where the custom cigar labels also work best as the average 7" Churchill cigar (the Tribeca) will last 45 minutes to an hour and all that time your booth's guests will see your company logo with every draw. This amount of time is far better than any commercial, print advertisement or billboard as the exposure is so long your name can not be forgotten. The custom cigar bands on a 7" cigar becomes an hour-long commercial in the hands of the attendee.

The entire idea of having a booth is for exposure visually and interactively while other enhancements can be created to make your booth more attractive. There have been many instances where presenters have had a cognac demonstration, cigars and other fun pieces of entertainment targeted at the attendees your company is looking for as new clients. You will create a positive impact with all the attendees' confidence because are sharing a common experience in bringing small forms of entertainment to your booth. Cigars, a golf putting green, a scotch bourbon tasting or even a wine tasting all available from your booth gives attendees a reason to seek you out and will be so popular (if promoted properly), that a crowd will form increasing your visibility tenfold. You can also have a "Cigar Host" to show up at announced, scheduled times at your booth that can offer a brief educational cigar narrative so guests can learn more, the cigar roller is the visual that hold the audience captive so your booth staff can "break the ice" to create new relationships.

The philosophy with these examples is to create a reason for people to come to your booth with something different, to create a feeling of having fun and "it's not all about about business."

Ideas for a cigar roller at trade show, charity events, conventions, corporate golf and business meetings with receptions, contact us, we will have all of your questions answered with custom pricing all within 1 hour of your form submission during the business week, we look forward to hearing from you.


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