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Cigars and the Cuban Mystique

Cuban cigars have always had the mystique due to the fact that they have been illegal in United States for many years. With Castro in power Kennedy made certain that no trade between the United States and the communist country would exist. The embargo has essentially put Cuba in a time capsule with the only evidence of US products found our relics from the 50s like the Chevrolet Bel Air which is common in the streets of Cuba. Castro also did not do much justice to the tobacco fields and us the product has suffered. Driven mostly by the mystique, most novices will seek out Cuban cigars with very little reason as to why. Pre-embargo Cubans as a result are considered precious as they are the true Cuban cigars that most are really seeking. The full-bodied flavor of the Cuban cigar is what makes it so attractive to cigar purists. The flavor is so full-bodied in fact, that Cuban cigars are not recommended for someone just testing the waters. Finding such a pronounced flavor is what is become almost a mission for some however, looking only to Dominican tobacco perhaps wrapped with Maduro leaf will give a comparable if not exceed the cigar aficionado's expectations.


Arguably, Dominican tobacco is the best in the world. The Dominican Republic has not been suppressed as Cuba has been and as a result, the Dominican export which has become a staple of the Dominican economy thrives. Great care is taken to preserve acres dedicated to growing cigar tobacco. Most of these fields are owned by the major cigar manufacturers and brands.