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Cigar Rollers were first popular in Olde City as it was the first neighborhood to have one of our Authentic, Philadelphia cigar roller events provided by CF Dominicana Cigars. All of our rollers are personal friends of the president of the cigar brand and Philadelphia is one of the most popular especially for Weddings. A host will accompany your cigar roller to give you a positive, fun and interactive feature with all of your guests.


Our unique, trademarked entertainment service called, "Cigar Catering®" features cigar rollers from around the globe who are ready to entertain you at your next Special event. The response to this upscale service has received wonderfully positive feedback from event planners and new brides across the US. Unlike any other cigar brand, CF Dominicana brings a fresh, creative idea and makes it available to everyone. We have a cigar roller in all major cities across the country, keeping your travel costs to an absolute minimum. They are not only Master Cigar Rollers, but have been selected to work with CF Dominicana for their friendly and knowledgeable personalities.


Center City soon followed and a referral base from Holt's for our cigar roller events have now made CF Dominicana a huge hit in Philadelphia. Custom Cigar Bands are provided with any purchase of CF cigars at no cost. You can order a simple 4-pack now to sample and for fun, request your initials to be placed on the cigar bands during checkout to make CF Dominicana Cigars uniquely yours.


The Blue Martini is one of our favorite nightspots and is of course, cigar friendly.






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