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Cigar sizes and explanation

Cigar sizes need a lot more in the shape. How and cigar is sized contributes to the overall flavor and draw. Length and ring gauge vary in sizes and popularity with the most requested combination given his slang names such as Churchill, robusto, corona, gigante and many others.


The ring gauge of a cigar is measured in one 64th of an inch. The result is a measurement that will read length by width. One of the more popular examples is the Churchill cigar size which typically measures 7 inches by 50 ring. This is not an exact measurement as the ring gauge can vary from 48 to 52 and still be classified as a Churchill. Robusto is equally as popular however most are 5 1/2 to 6 inches in length.


How do these sizes affect the flavor? Well, the length acts as a filter from the burning tip to the foot where the smoker collects the finished smoke. The longer the filler means a milder draw when the cigar is first lit. After the first 2 inches the cigars flavor begins to become more pronounced as they are is less filter between the lit tip and the smoker's mouth.


The ring gauge contributes to the temperature of the smoke. Figure ring gauges results in higher temperatures, fatter ring gauges results in cooler temperatures. Fatter and wider gauges - contrary to popular belief - typically make for milder cigars as the cool smoke allows the tobacco flavor to be more prominent in the final draw