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Cigar Lifestyle and Culture


Weddings, golf outings, import it corporate events or any affair that has significance to it have recently incorporated cigars and cigar rollers into the entertainment.


Brides and particularly women have shown such strong interest in the art that they end up bringing the cigars right into their reception. This is typically done as they have a cigar lover in their lives. Any event that is considered black-tie will have the best of champagne, food and cigars. This is one of the reasons why cigars and cigar roller events are equated with only upscale affairs.


Typically cigar smokers are affluent, successful and “captains of industry” and these people know and appreciate the finer things in life. Steaks, golf and single malt scotch lovers are also often cigar smokers. The cigar culture is not as public as it socially unacceptable counterpart, cigarettes.


Cigar lovers don't need cigars, they enjoy them. Cigars are not smoked frequently to gain a “nicotine high” but rather are smoked for the enjoyment of the flavor. This is why the tobacco used is so crucial to a premium cigar and its flavor. As a result of these premium cigars being smoked only at certain times, the cigar culture is integrated into the leisure lifestyle of those who enjoy them. They are not lit up for the sake of frequency but rather, our lit up for the sake of enjoyment. Cigar rollers know this and as a result are equated with a cigar lover’s personal time and like many bartenders they are viewed as friends.