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Cigar blends and tobacco

The blend in the center of the cigar is truly the fingerprint of most brands. The right combination of seco, ligero and claro leaves makes the characteristic of the cigar fall anywhere between mild to full-bodied. Incorporating leaves from other regions is another common characteristic of a premium tobacco blend. Nicaraguan tobacco which is known sometimes as being harsh, can be used in a premium cigar filler of what would be considered a medium bodied cigar. This occurs when the master blender in the factory chooses the right combination of leaves to form the desired taste, much like a bartender mixes drinks. A typical Long Island iced tea consists of five liquors, sometimes a bartender will make one liquor the dominant in the drink and so to the cigar roller.


The leaves are careful folded and not pressed together which is another art form not easily learned. The leaves must be placed on top of each other so that the air passes through properly leading to an easy draw for the smoker. Although the leaves are put in a mold and pressed for an average of two hours, the art of the folding remains intact. The folding, depressing and the shape of the cigar are all called construction. The construction of premium high-end cigars is visually evident as they are smooth uniform and require very little effort if any to draw the flavor from the burning tobacco. Poor construction leads to an uneven burn and is often found in the discarded cigars also called seconds.

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