Women and the Cigar Culture

Cigars are not only enjoyed by then but also women. In recent years the culture has opened up to demographics that normally would be limited to men usually 35 years and older. Because of the vast varieties of cigars available today, including flavored cigars, women have gravitated to the cigar culture. Flavored cigars or gourmet cigars, with flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, cognac are all created with natural extracts. These extracts are key to how to
premium cigars will taste. Cheaper less expensive cigars are often found in pharmacies or low-end convenience stores, and these are not to be confused with premium flavored cigars. One reason is the short filler or chopped up pieces of tobacco that are often perfumed with chemicals to produce the aroma and give the illusion of natural flavoring.

Women also seemed to enjoy smaller sized cigars as opposed to the larger at Churchill sizes. For an events, it is always recommended to have both sizes on hand to please everyone. Of course making sure the cigars are miles is always the best approach because there will be guests trying cigars for the first time and bringing us cigar into the mix that is to full-bodied may dissuade people who are trying cigars for the first time. Either way women are now included in the demographic of the national cigar culture.

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