In-flight magazine article featuring cigar rollers from CF Dominicana in US Airways magazine

Handing out cigars at weddings and other special occasions has been tradition for years. but CF Dominicana has a new approach - the Cigar Catering service is elevating it to a unique level of sophistication. At the cornerstone of the service is an on-site master cigar roller who not only rolls cigars made with Premium Dominican filler, but also answers questions from guests.

(Rollers reside in 14 cities nationwide, but will travel to any site at no extra cost.) The cigars are adorned with custom-made cigar bands created by professional graphics designers. For an additional fee, the cigars can be distributed by servers reminiscent of the 1930s-era "cigar girls".

Booking the Cigar Catering service doesn't mean you'll have a smoke-filled hall at the start of any get-together. "Any cigar that's rolled fresh at an event should be smoke or at least a few hours - the tobacco needs to get down to 70% humidity," says CF Dominicana President Dennis Briganti, whose company has provided hand rolled cigars to the cast a crew of the Sopranos and whose previous catering clients have included many celebrities and pro athlete ("quite a few NBA players who prefer to remain low profile"). And the cast a crew of Sex and the city have had cigars rolled as well.

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CF Cigars Press Page