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Corporate event magazine article about cigar roller and ciagrs for golf and corporate events

Cigar Catering parties Catch On
Cigar Roller Demos are now big in the trade show industry

By Sandi Cain, News Editor

CF Dominicana has tapped a niche for private parties and events that are taking off across the country: Cigar Catering and cigar roller demonstrations for events.

Despite an increasing number of no smoking laws across the country, there's something about a good cigar that appeals to people, according to CF Domincana president Dennis Briganti. For the past five years, his company has provided custom cigar events with on site professional cigar rollers, cigar serves and cigar bands tailored to the customer's needs.

His aim; to bring personalization to an otherwise conventional product. "It's a different culture from cigarettes", he said. "When people see how cigars are made and the quality of them, they see the difference".

Briganti said it's important to know local laws about smoking, but there have been few problems working within those parameters. All the cigars are premium quality; event organizers also can choose from several flavors that include amaretto, chocolate and cognac. Briganti said Cigar Catering is particularly popular with celebrity laden parties, charity events and weddings. A recent one was staged in Houston for Magic Johnson's Charity Eight Ball challenge, "Tuxedos and cigars look very classy together" Briganti said.

While most of the company's events are private parties, they're also catching on at trade shows. The company recently conducted cigar roller demonstrations at a software show in Baltimore that generated lines of attendees waiting to see the booth. Another demo booth is scheduled for a telecommunications show in Miami in May.

"Event planners are learning how popular this is", said Briganti. He said it's equally popular with women. The cigar company has professional cigar rollers in cities across the US, including Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, DC Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tampa, Atlantic City, Phoenix and Detroit. The company points to the cost savings of bringing the cigar rollers from the cities to eliminate travel costs.

CF Dominicana also provides the custom cigar bands designed by graphics artists free of charge.

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