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A NY based cigar business innovator is smoking a sublime fantasy a reality for your next big get together. CF Dominicana already popularized their Cigar roller trend with their Cigar Catering service now goes one better with their recently introduced Cigar Servers. These lovely ladies all possessed of cigar knowledge and eye-catching appeal and add an elegant touch to any upscale affair as they float the room with trays of cigars in the manner of prohibition era speak easy cigarette girls.

"They add a classic element to an event and are a perfect compliment to our cigar rollers...” says Dennis Briganti, president of CF Dominicana. "When the cigar servers are on the floor with the cigar trays and our rollers are rolling the cigars, the guests know they are at someplace special."

Some of their clients whose events have welcomed the sexy servers include HBO's Sopranos and Sex And The City cast and crew; spirits and beer makers like Dewar's, Johnnie Walker and Miller and a host of entertainment celebrities from both coasts. Cigar Servers currently travel to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Scottsdale, Arizona. Get details and checkout photos of the ladies at


CF Cigars Press Page


CF Dominicana introduces Cigar Servers

The premium cigar brand is enjoying the success of their "Cigar Catering" service, which features cigar rollers who will personally hand-roll CF Dominicana cigars for customer special events while guests look on. The popularity of Cigar Catering has been so overwhelming that the company now has cigar rollers in 15 cities and will be accepting wholesale accounts to retail tobacco stores this summer.

Now just in time for the holidays, the company is introducing their CF Cigar Servers. These cigar-knowledgeable ladies float the room of an event and serve cigars to the guests, reminiscent of the speakeasies during Prohibition. This pleasant visual lends the perfect touch of style and beauty to the affair while continuing to fuel the brand's national popularity.

"These ladies consistently get attention," says Dennis Briganti, President of, Inc., which manufactures the CF Dominicana brand. "They add a classic element to an event and are the perfect complement to the cigar rollers. When the cigar servers are on the floor with the cigar trays and the cigar roller is making the cigars, the guests know they are at someplace special."

Special it is - the servers are allowed to work only those events that the company deems appropriate. "We restrict the servers from certain events; we make certain to eliminate the 'bachelor/frat party' type mentality," says Briganti.

"Some planners have had a problem with this but our thinking is, let them hire a stripper. The cigars are premium, our clients are sophisticated, the events are upscale and the cigar servers fit the scheme perfectly."

Event planners have already given deposits to reserve the cigar servers for their most elite events, even going as far as booking hotel and air fare. The cigar servers and cigar rollers are responsible for attracting the huge Internet following for the company, and all of this is happening before the cigars go on sale through retail cigar stores in 2006.

CF Cigars has a high-profile client list from events for Maxim Magazine's Hot 100, a "Sopranos" episode, a "Sex and the City" event, spirits and beer manufacturers such as Johnnie Walker, Dewar's, the Miller Co., and confidential celebrity clients from NYC to LA.

CF Dominicana also boasts in-house graphic designers that will create beautiful cigar bands that are rolled on each cigar at the event. The company even manufactures gourmet flavored cigars. The premium cigar industry needed a fresh, new approach to the product and CF Cigars is the only brand offering any of these unique twists to the cigar experience.

The CF Cigar Servers are currently available for events in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Scottsdale and eventually all 15 cities where the company currently has cigar rollers.

CF Cigars Press Page