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PR Newswire now Cision announces launch of cigar roller and Cigar Catering from CF Dominicana Cigars

CF Dominicana Cigar Co. Offers Free Custom Cigar Bands and Launches Wholesale Division
Tuesday March 28, 7:50 am ET

NEW YORK, March 28 /PRNewswire/ -- In NYC today, CF Dominicana Cigars officially announced their introduction to retail tobacco stores with their new wholesale division.

To support the launch, the company is offering free custom cigar bands complete with the customer's initials on every cigar they buy - at no charge!

After the success of its trademarked Cigar Catering, which includes cigar rollers for events throughout the country, this new unique amenity to CF Dominicana Cigars is promising to be the biggest attention grabber of all.

The personalized initials are the newest addition to the already successful graphics design department that the company has boasted for over five years. "CF Cigars" has been creating custom-designed cigar bands to express anything the customer wants. "We hear from our customers when they are getting married, when they have their first baby, and when it's their anniversary; we've made our cigars part of our customers' lives," says Dennis Briganti, president of the company. "CF Cigars" is confident that this personal approach will carry over to the retailers as well.

The process is simple: The customer gives the store owner the initials, the retailer contacts "CF Cigars," the designers create the bands, the bands are then given to the rollers and the box is shipped to the store for the customer to pick up.

Store owners have already been approaching the company since last year, and now that the pricing is set, the wholesale division is ready to launch.

Cigar rolling demonstrations will also be supplied to participating stores to bring more attention to the brand and is sure to make store owners very happy. These live demonstrations will take place on a semi-frequent basis with participating stores. No brand has ever done this before without burdening the store owner with sales quotas. "CF Cigars" chooses to create more of a partnership with the store owners.

These demonstrations are always a big hit. The company has just completed another celebrity event, rolling cigars for Magic Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, Queen Latifah, Nelly and Ludacris.


CF Cigars Press Page
CF Cigars Press Page