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Roll Playing - For a truly Smokin' event, throw a cigar party with Cigar Catering from CF Dominicana

Everybody smokes cigars nowadays. On the golf course, strangers are passing around samples from their personal stash before they reach the third hole. Women? Absolutely no problem. Even non smokers who rant and rave about the dangers of secondhand smoke pause to consider a Cuban cigar when offered. Point is: Cigars are not just for baby announcements and weddings.

So, for you real cigar aficionados out there, here's a new way to separate yourself from the herd: Cigar Catering. Cigar rollers from around the globe come to your event and hand roll cigars for your guests.

Business is booming. And it's not just for men. "More than 70 percent of our clients are women," says Dennis Briganti President of, Inc. which owns the CF Dominicana brand of cigars and "We've found that women love seeing the craft and novelty of hand rolling cigars. We're constantly doing weddings; we've even got contracts with some wedding web sites to provide our service."

In case you’re thinking of asking your buddy to step in and roll a couple at your next party, think again. Cigar Catering utilizes master cigar rollers.

"Cigar rolling is really an art form and it's not something that you can pick up real quick," notes Briganti, " requires years of experience. It's an Old World craft. And because it's done by hand, people appreciate it more."

Rollers interact with your guests, answering questions and education people about the ins and outs of the cigar world. But to add that final touch of class, spring for cigar servers. "These ladies float the rool with specially made cigar trays," explains Briganti. "It's like the old movies or the speak easies during Prohibition. The visual is really cool."

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