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Keepmedia investigates cigar rollers and other cigar features introduced by CF Dominicana Cigars

Cigar Rollers and 'Cigar Catering' Launches Nationally from CF Dominicana Cigars

NEW YORK, March 29 -- In New York City today, CF Dominicana Cigars has officially announced its trademarked "Cigar Catering" service, which includes on-site cigar rollers for special events nationally. This upscale, trendy addition to special events has recently gained an elite audience with event planners and celebrities such as NY Mets newlywed Mike Piazza, who had a cigar roller at his wedding. The company boasts top-notch cigar rollers that reside in all major cities, even cigar waitresses and waiters are available to serve guests cigars. Until now, those wanting a cigar roller for an event had to pay the added logistical expense of flights and lodging.

CF Dominicana also provides in-house event planning and graphics design for each event, even going as far as creating Custom Designed Cigar Bands. This personal approach to its cigars has made CF Dominicana popular with brides-to-be across the country. The company also has an ongoing contract with the "There has always been a demand for cigar rollers at events ...," says Dennis Briganti, President of, Inc., which owns the brand. "... but no one in the industry ever thought creatively enough to meet that demand."

The company's mission is to bring personalization to an otherwise conventional product. "Our clients contact us when they're getting married, having a baby or celebrating some other personal event.’CF Cigars' is a part of their lives - what cigar brand has ever done that before?" questions Briganti. The company also goes as far as including the customer's initials on each cigar they buy - free of charge - for life.

The unique custom-designed cigar bands are created by graphic designers and are made available immediately to view online - usually within 48 hours. The custom cigar bands have won "CF Cigars" a huge Internet following that has sparked several websites and a loyal following of cigar lovers across the country. The volume of inquiries for the "Cigar Catering" services has pushed the company to create its newest site -

It's been a great way to get the brand noticed and break into the industry. "We caught them sleeping ...," says Briganti. "The mainstream brands have been relying on their name recognition for years without any sign of changing because they never had to. We manufacture a high-end, hand-rolled premium Dominican cigar with old-world tradition yet realize that it's 2005 and today's technology can personalize our clients' cigar experience in fresh, new ways." CF cigars has also attracted media attention with a "Sopranos" episode, a "Sex and the City" production event, spirits manufacturers such as Johnnie Walker and Dewar's and confidential celebrity clients from NYC to LA.

The company services these major cities and surrounding areas: NYC, Detroit, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Scottsdale, Las Vegas and more.


CF Cigars Press Page
CF Cigars Press Page