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The Green Magazine article about Cigar Roller events

“…anyone who keeps up with the world of top-notch tobacco and big-league event planning would say, you would be guilty of one major oversight”

These days, for an event to truly distinguish itself from the pack of hum-drum networking shindigs, cigars must be rolled fresh on the spot.” Your guests must be granted the privilege of seeing the cigar as it is being brought to life.

They should be allowed to witness the casual dexterity and age-old skill of the tabaquero (cigar roller) as he blends Cuban seed or Nicaraguan tobacco leaves into that perfect robusto or corona. It may appear to be the most insignificant of niceties, but don’t be fooled. For many cigar connoisseurs and novices alike, the very presence of a tabaquero, calls for the classic ambiance of the speakeasies and parlor salons of the early 20th century.

A number of enterprising cigar producers have rushed to fill the growing demand for fresh rolled cigars at exclusive gatherings. CF Dominicana stands out because of the breadth of cigar catering services it offers. Not only can CF’s graphic designer customize the cigar band that will rest on each cigar rolled at your function, this highly- regarded caterer also offer cigar servers who float around the room, making sure that no guest is neglected.

CF has tabaqueros based in 14 major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and Chicago and their cigars are composed of a winning combination of select Dominican filler tobacco and Connecticut Shade or Maduro leaf wrappers.

CF recommends around two hours of cigar rolling for most events. In that time frame their tabaqueros can produce around 50 cigars. Yet bear in mind that long after the cigar rolling has come to an end, the grandeur and decadence of those freshly born works of art will linger in the mouths and memories of your guests.

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