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Los Angeles, April 7 – If there’s an opening, someone will rush to fill it.

So it is with finding a cigar roller for your next party. Instead of asking your local smoke shop if they know of anyone, you can look up CF Dominicana Cigars and rent your own personal roller.

The concept is separate from the many cigar rolling demonstrations which often accompany cigar manufacturer’s events in local tobacco stores. Now, you can obtain a roller for your birthday, anniversary, divorce, whatever . . . and even arrange to have cigars with specially-made bands for the occasion.

In fact, CF Dominicana’s “Cigar Catering” program can provide a roller, cigar “servers” to help your guests light up and specially-designed bands, usually available to view online in just a few days. Clients who order cigars from CF Dominicana in the future will have their initials included on each cigar for free.

CF Dominicana Cigars president Dennis Briganti noted that the novel concept has already won the company a contract with the Wedding Channel and that high-profile enthusiasts such as New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza have hired the company to provide rollers for his recent wedding.

The Cigar Catering division is operating in and around nine major urban areas so far: Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Philadelphia and San Francisco with more promised soon.

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