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Here are some ways you can get a cigar roller to make your event memorable. CF Dominicana will provide a cigar roller and custom cigar bands available in most metropolitan areas.

Somewhere between factory worker and artisan lies the cigar roller. I probably speak for many of you when I say that, I at time will stop and look at the fine cigar that I'm smoking pondering n awe the people that must be involved in the process of getting that cigar t me. Recently in the cigar world a new phenomenon has occurred. From cigar store promotions to weddings and family parties, the cigar roller can now come to me. A Cigar roller's role at a party can vary dramatically ranging from promotions to customer attractions. For instance, Dennis Briganti, President of CF Dominicana Cigars began providing cigar rollers at events as a means to promote his own cigars. It has become such an integral part of his business, he now has cigar rollers available for hire in just about every major metropolitan area and offers free custom labels to hone any given event. He can even provide cigar servers, reminiscent of the cigar girls of 1950's nightclubs to distribute and light cigars.

A note of interest, it seems that most of CF Dominicana's customers that schedule the cigar rollers for parties are women. At first, Dennis was somewhat surprised, but on further thought, it made perfect sense - a truly unique style of gift and party planning that is perfect for a cigar-smoking husband, son, father or brother. I caught Dennis in the Sheepshead area of Brooklyn, NY where torcedore Juan Espinal was demonstrating the trade for guests.

Dennis' team has provided cigar rollers for every conceivable type of gathering including one customer's celebration of his new seaplane. "The events are a way of introducing our cigars to the public. Once they try them, they keep coming back...” he says proudly.

And he's right. The demand for the presence of torcedores at events has prompted CF Dominicana Cigars to contract5 multiple rollers into their family in most major cities. So event if you live outside of New York City, Miami or Tampa, there is an excellent chance that CF Domincana can provide a roller for your occasion without a travel charge. "We've worked very hard on identifying rollers that are both excellent rollers and great representatives for our brand", said Dennis elaborating that CF Dominicana Cigars have been sold via the Internet and their New York store, but will now be moving into shops across the country. Sales are picking up die in part to incentives to cigar stores, such as free custom bands and cigar rolling demonstrations.


CF Cigars Press Page
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CF Cigars Press Page