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Boston newspaper writes about cigar roller events in Boston, MA

The Boston Herald

Cigar Company on a roll with classy catering service

High rollers can now hire a cigar caterer for their next bash.

CF Dominicana offers on site professional cigar rollers for events. The company services events in 15 cities, including Boston. "Cigar Catering" is upscale and sophisticated” says Dennis Briganti president of CF Dominicana Cigars. Briganti founded the company seven years ago with help from Juan Espinal a cigar roller from the Dominican Republic. CF Dominicana attracted most of it's clientele through it's custom cigar band offering. (Cigar bands can be printed with the names of the bride and groom for example).

CF Dominicana Cigar Catering starts at $975. For that price, one cigar roller will attend an event and roll 50 cigars - complete with custom cigar bands in two hours. Cigar waitresses also may be hired to circulate and serve guests.

Donna Mullen of Quincy hired CF Dominicana to cater her New Year's Eve wedding at the Seaport Hotel. "We had a 1930's art deco-themed wedding and we were thinking of the old fashioned cigar girls” said Mullen. "we just ran with it. It went with the theme and it was different."

"Quite a few women were smoking", said Mullen, "...I was surprised. I caught some candid pictures of some of my co-workers outside smoking cigars." The catering's main appeal, according to Briganti, lies in the art of cigar rolling. "Guests appreciate the craft when they see it happening," Briganti said. "The leaves have to be folded and placed one on top of the other. The center of the cigar has to be folded so the air flows through."

CF Dominicana derives the bulk of it's catering business from weddings and corporate functions. Last year, the company worked seven functions in downtown Boston and other in Rhode Island and on Cape Cod. This year, Briganti hopes to hold more than 20 events in the Hub.

CF Dominicana's Cigar Catering hits it's peak during the spring and summer, many of it's clients' events are held outdoors or at the venues with outdoor patios. The service has not received backlash from anti-smoking groups, according to Briganti. He does acknowledge however, that with the presence of the cigar waitresses, his business could have become fodder for the frat boy and bachelor party set. To prevent that, Briganti does not permit the cigar waitresses to work functions without a roller. The only exception is weddings. And the high cost of hiring the cigar catering service keeps it out of reach for the younger, hard partying demographic.

CF Dominicana's Cigar Catering could have easily gone the sex route, but I never would have allowed that," Briganti said, “I put too much work into the brand to have it presented that way".

CF Cigars Press Page
CF Cigars Press Page