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Cigar Roller Information article review of CF Dominicana

Cigar Catering Services for Special Events
Event Planning Tip

From Gary Manelski,

Professional Cigar Rollers & Servers Are Available


If you are planning a party, wedding, or special event and need that something extra to make it really special, consider hiring a professional cigar roller to make the occasion an affair to remember. In addition, customized or personalized cigar bands can often be created in advance of the event, making for a truly memorable experience.

Have Cigars, Will Travel According to CF Dominicana President Dennis Briganti, The cigars are premium, our clients are sophisticated, the events are upscale and the cigar servers fit the scheme perfectly." CF Dominicana has rollers and servers in many locations, and can provide its cigar catering service for any party in any city.

Other companies also provide similar services, and are willing to travel, while others specialize in serving local markets, only. Cigars for a Winning Event I can't help recalling that episode of The Apprentice, where the contestants had to plan an event to introduce the launch of a new vehicle. The losing team hired a comedian who failed miserably at entertaining a small group of car dealers. Now what if the losing team had hired a cigar caterer to work that event, instead of the comedian? I think that the results would have been much different. Maybe I should be the next apprentice?

CF Cigars Press Page

CF Cigars Press Page


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