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Cigar rollers and the new, unique twist for events including cigar servers

CF Dominicana Cigars' most attractive addition: 'Cigar Servers'
"Cigar Catering" service for special events

The premium cigar brand is enjoying the success of their "Cigar Catering®" service, which features cigar rollers who will personally hand-roll CF Dominicana cigars for customer special events while guests look on. The popularity of Cigar Catering® has been so overwhelming that the company now has cigar rollers in 15 cities.

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Now just in time for the holidays, the company is introducing their CF Cigar Servers. These cigar-knowledgeable ladies float the room of an event and serve cigars to the guests, reminiscent of the speakeasies during Prohibition. This pleasant visual lends the perfect touch of style and beauty to the affair while continuing to fuel the brand's national popularity.

"These ladies consistently get attention," says Dennis Briganti, President of, Inc., which manufactures the CF Dominicana brand. "They add a classic element to an event and are the perfect complement to the cigar rollers. When the cigar servers are on the floor with the cigar trays and the cigar roller is making the cigars, the guests know they are at someplace special."

Special it is - the servers are allowed to work only those events that the company deems appropriate. "We restrict the servers from certain events; we make certain to eliminate the 'bachelor/frat party' type mentality," says Briganti.

"Some planners have had a problem with this but our thinking
is, let them hire a stripper. The cigars are premium, our clients are sophisticated, the events are upscale and the cigar servers fit the scheme perfectly."

Event planners have already given deposits to reserve the cigar servers for their most elite events, even going as far as booking hotel and air fare. The cigar servers and cigar rollers are responsible for attracting the huge Internet following for the company, and all of this is happening before the cigars go on sale through retail cigar stores in 2006.

CF Cigars has a high-profile client list from events for Maxim Magazine's Hot 100, a "Sopranos" episode, a "Sex and the City" event, spirits and beer manufacturers such as Johnnie Walker, Dewar's, the Miller Co., and confidential celebrity clients from NYC to LA.

CF Dominicana also boasts in-house graphic designers that will create beautiful cigar bands that are rolled on each cigar at the event. The company even manufactures gourmet flavored cigars. The premium cigar industry needed a fresh, new approach to the product and CF Cigars is the only brand offering any of these unique twists to the cigar experience.

Absolutely over the top, excellent cigars and service - I am a business owner in MD and I was at a Nascar Event when I first knew of this service. Turns out, these guys are the manufacturer of the brand and have cigar rollers all over the country - they came to my house with custom bands, my custom rolled cigars and a cigar roller - unbelievable. This is not a novelty act - this is for the real cigar smoker and is authentic and at a $5 per cigar price, it's the right price for a premium Dominican, Connecticut Shade cigar.

I thought this unique service would be a good idea until some guys lit up cigars at a relative’s anniversary party...kind of stinky and annoying to a lot of the guests. If they take the cigars home to smoke then I suppose the rolling thing could be entertaining.

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