Cigars, poker, Scotch and fun

Spirits distributors throughout the country have worked together with CF Dominicana cigars to produce events that have always been successful for promotion and particularly well-received with top celebrity hotspots in Los Angeles. Cigar rollers combined with the finest in Scotch from Dewar’s, Vodka from Ultimat and other famous brands such as Bacardi have been presented at so many events with great success that CF Dominicana has now launched and complement to their cigars and premium events.

With close relationships with many distributors and decision-makers in all areas of the country CF Dominicana has decided to move forward in cross promotion with these distributors making for excellent parties that push name recognition for both nightclubs and their guests. The VIP treatment is very high here, with expert event planning that regularly coordinates red carpet events with the CF Dominicana brand, the attraction here is that with just one phone call, cigars and virtually the entire party is handled.

This is been a big hit with consumers as well who may not be has experienced as professional event planners, so these clients have taken strongly to these new features. Cigar servers along with bar staff who are knowledgeable about the cigars and the Scotch that they are serving our all great ingredients to making a successful cigar event.

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