Cigars, Growing and Storing

Humidity is a great catalyst in the agriculture of premium cigar tobacco. Just as important, is the ground that the leaves are grown from and cultivated. Cigar tobacco takes a lot of attention from the planting to the caring in growth to when it’s finally picked. Certain countries have the ideal climate for growing tobacco. Cuba was the premier country as the soil was rich in minerals and the humidity was often above 70% making for a flavorful leaf and a distinct taste when used in premium cigars. For cigar rollers in the cigar factories of that time were making what would become the most famous cigar product in history. Later on the Dominican Republic began to make tobacco its main export and while Cuba was repressed, the Dominican economy thrived on its new main export, just a few miles north of Cuba is the Dominican Republic in the town of Tamboril where the Dominican tobacco is marketed and sold.

Many of the major manufacturers of cigar brands have factories right in the city of Santiago and because the labor is far less expensive than other countries, Dominican premium handrolled cigars are now the most sought-after and respected cigars in the world. Dominican wrapper leaf, Dominican filler and Dominican cigar binder are all grown in the same country in these ingredients make for a paramount cigar product.

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