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Cigar Rollers from CF Dominicana cigars along with upscale hotels and nightclubs have placed CF brand right in the path of the Miami and South Beach upscale clientele that make up the pulse of this famous hotspot. We upscale clientele now their guard and they appreciate the art of cigar rolling.


Celebrity cigar roller events for VIP parties, Celebrities and our trademarked Cigar Catering® has made friends with not only cigar aficionados but major event planners, weddings and Brides, and virtually every entertainment and sports industry insiders. CF Dominicana Cigars dedication to Old World tradition combined with Modern Day innovation has made this premium brand famous with cigar lovers in every city and is continuing to generate quality media and press attention throughout the US.


Art Basel was one of the first events that CF Dominicana performed for at this end the show room along with Maybach Mercedes. This event blocks off ht streets where the art galleries and creatives are to allow people and tourists to enjoy the creative heart South Beach. Art lovers are typically affluent and of course, cigar lovers. Premium cigars are appreciated in this town and the Cuban population has reinforced the cigar culture.


The hotels that line the coast of the most sought after in Florida. The Ritz Carlton along with five-star hotel Mandarin Oriental are beautiful to see and make for the greatest nightlife in town. Cigars, wine, art and entertainment is the formula for South Beach.

Cigar Rollers can be planned for your event even if you don't know anything about cigars, simply give uis the details and we will have a quote for you no later than the next morning.


Cigar Rollers South Beach MiamiCigar Rollers




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