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Cigar Roller events in New Jersey is a constant for us and cigar lover's are everywhere with frequent event requests for cigar rollers from Long Branch to Atlantic City to Hoboken. As one of the first cities to be serviced with Cigar Catering® events, our New Jersey clients continue to fuel the CF brand.


New Jersey Cigar Roller Weddings, Golf Outings from CF Dominicana and all of our Cigar Catering® features are expertly coordinated with your own event planner to ensure the cigars and staff are planned perfectly for your big event. Over 30 press articles in just the last 2 years from the major markets has sent CF Dominicana's Cigar Catering® to celebrity status.


Custom Cigar Bands are created in-house by graphics designers and interns. Although many companies on the Internet say they have custom cigar bands, CF Dominicana surpasses all of them with beautiful, four color digital design. Using Adobe Photoshop, our designers give you the freedom to make any kind of revision you would like.


All of the tobacco used for "CF Cigars" is imported from the Dominican Republic and no quality is sacrificed. Premium Connecticut Shade or Maduro leaf is used along with Premium Dominican Filler each day and we will also create individual boxes for each of our clients at their request, something unheard of with any other cigar brand. Visit our for more information.


Custom Cigar Bands are now available on all of our cigars free of charge. Retail tobacconists across the country are now following the trend and CF Dominicana now provides cigars and custom cigar bands for participating retailers - also at no charge - something unheard of until CF Dominicana.

Cigar rollers are presented virtually every week in events from weddings to golf outings and corporate events. The weddings are huge and Brides to Be are referred constantly for our special attention in making sure the planning of the cigar rolling demonstration flows perfectly with their reception.


Golf is very big due to the upscale residential areas throughout the state and as a result our cigar rollers and cigar servers are now a staple with all of the PGA country clubs and upper tier catering halls.






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