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Cigar Roller events in Los Angeles, Burbank, Hollywood and have been in full performance for over 8 years. These high profile cigar rolling events are the core reason for the popularity of our Cigars in Southern California. Celebrity events are now common, giving way to our newest addition, Cigars to the Stars - our new cigar forum designed with photos and words from our high profile clients and cigar events. CF Dominicana Cigars will add another dimension to your cigar style. We are a deliberate updated alternative for you in a cigar industry that's grown far too conventional.


Cigar Roller events will always provide premium CF Dominicana Cigars which like most brands are superior in quality to "no name" cigars. Roller events are tuypically in the 700.00 to 1200.00 range and complete with custom cigar bands and Cigar Rollers that entertain and interact with guests.

Cigar rollers, innovative cigar events with top, sociable cigar roller talent, Premium cigars, custom cigar bands created by graphics designers, cigar servers, experienced in-house event planners and a dedication to using only the first grade of Dominican Ligero blend - this is CF Dominicana Cigars.


We are the only premium cigar brand that easily becomes part of our customer's lives and special memories. Old World tradition in the creation of our cigars with cigar rollers dedicated to the craft combined with Modern Day technology to encourage customer interaction, brings a fresh approach to an otherwise conventional cigar industry.


Cigar Roller events are provided throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We are national and Los Angeles holds the largest following of clients. See the Califonia Chroniicle article


Los Angeles in Hollywood in particular have been home to some of the best most exciting events for us. Fox, Warner Bros., NBC, along with individual celebrity clients continue to throw VIP parties -- in some secret some public -- and have developed relationships with us for over eight years.


Hotspots like Les Deux, the Cabana Club, the Playboy Mansion, the Beverly Hills Hotel and other Los Angeles and Hollywood landmarks have been the location for upscale events throughout Southern California. With A list and consumer events, our events department will coordinate the best ways to integrate cigars and cigar rollers into your event for guaranteed success.


Cigars and cigar servers are a great complement and fit perfectly with LA style parties as the Hollywood crowds are typically cigar knowledgeable and part of the entertainment industry that makes up the Los Angeles, Burbank and Santa Monica customer base.


Cigar roller events in Los Angeles have now become a staple to these events and consumer affairs throughout San Bernardino, Hollywood and Southern California.