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Cigar Roller events and the subsequent media attention put Cigar Catering® in a feature article in the Chicago Tribune as well, making cigar roller events popular with cigar aficionados and event planners and Brides that continue to be the core client base of the premium cigar brand.


Chicago Cigar Roller events from CF Dominicana have been featured on WGN, WMAQ and the Chicago Tribune (you can see all of these on our Press Page), CF Dominicana has been involved with the city's upscale events since 2004.


Over 30 press articles in just the last 2 years from the major markets has sent CF Dominicana's Cigar Catering® to celebrity status.


The Ritz Carlton - as one example - has been the site of so many events that CF Dominicana reinforces this relationship with their clients by remaining attentive to detail in every cigar event we coordinate at the five star hotel.


Cigar Roller events from from Michigan Avenue to the Navy Pier and continues to be part of our client's personal lives as the #1 state for cigar sales of the CF brand. Cigar Catering was pushed to national attention with the press received from Chicago alone.


Cigars using the best Dominican tobacco hand rolled live at your event by only the finest craftsmen that represent CF Dominicana, will create cigars that are superior in construction. Pure, Golden Brown Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf made famous for it's mild tones are used exclusively and combine beautifully with the Seco/Ligero blend of "CF" Cigars. Our deep, rich and dark maduro leaf brings a bolder, fuller bodies experience to the blend making it a perfect after dinner event.





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