Cigar Tobacco Harvesting and Growing

Cigar tobacco takes great work as any agricultural products. The harvesting is the backbreaker. Countless days in very hot fields are how tobacco pickers spend their days. The take the leads by hand and gather them into bushels and then hand them off for aging to the factory. Cigars are then rolled in the factory starting with the folding of the leads. The leads are placed on top of one another to allow the air to pass through properly. This results in a subtle draw that is one of the key characteristics to a premium cigar. Further the amount of leads in the cigar matters to the taste. Also the ash will not hold as well or as long if the tobacco leaves are not dressed properly. One of the signs of a premium cigar is the actual hold and this is done through a generous amount of cigar tobacco used in the filler. The binder which is the leaf surrounding the filler tobacco is also instrumental for a long ash. The binder does not have anything to do with the taste of the cigar other than to hold the filler leaves together.

The wrapper leaf on the other hand is used intentionally in the combination of filler to produce the end result and desired body of the cigars taste

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