Cigar Servers from the Cigars To The Stars™- CF Dominicana

Cigar Waitresses, Cigar Girls and Cigar Waiters – Remember the old movies with the cigar girls serving cigars to the nightclub guests? Well, CF Dominicana now brings Cigar Servers to “float” the room of your event serving cigars. As part of the celebrity Cigar Catering® event, the cigar servers are the best compliment to the cigar rollers. The Cigar Servers are typically booked for the same time as the cigar rollers throughout the US and dressed in modest evening attire to add the most classic, upscale flair to your entire event.

The cigar waitresses always get a smile from guests at the high profile events and small intimate gatherings as well. There are so many photos from events that we will keep them coming, so visit this site from time to time to see what’s new with the Cigars To The Stars™ and Cigar Catering® events.

CF Dominicana’s cigar servers will hand out cigars that the cigar rollers are rolling in a way that’s reminiscent of the lounges from the 1930’s. Your “CF” Cigar Server will “float” the room and are professional in dealing with celebrities and high profile guests. – complete with your own custom designed cigar bands – now that’s cool.

The visual of having a Cigar Server along with a Cigar Roller that’s rolling cigars are always the perfect combination for the celebrity events as many celebrities are cigar smokers. All of these Cigar Catering® features are planned for and executed with great care by our pro event planners so you need to do nothing but enjoy the party.

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