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Cigar Roller, Custom Cigar Bands, Cigar Servers, Event Planner Professionals and Premium CF Dominicana Cigars are all brought together for VIP, A-List Celebrity Events


Cigars To The Stars™ events are coordinated for high profile, red carpet and celebrity affairs. CF Dominicana has brought cigar rollers, cigar waitresses and cigars together in a presentation that’s fun and yes, very cool.


The Cigars To The Stars™ are where the drinks flow, the party is VIP, the entertainment is top notch, the food is the finest and the guests are beautiful. CF Dominicana’s enthusiasm for the cigar lifestyle has created the most innovative flair to special events while bringing the cigar culture to new levels not found anywhere else in the industry.


To the company’s surprise, it’s our clientele of women who are the biggest fans and continue to fuel CF Dominicana’s Cigar Catering® to consistently break new ground in making their Special Days even more memorable – and we listened. Now, cigar rollers, cigar servers, graphics on custom cigar bands are combined expertly with in-house event planners to ensure nothing less than a great time with great cigars.


CF Dominicana continues to enjoy a national following of cigar aficionados everywhere that’s growing with each event. Experiencing the cigars is what it’s all about and once enjoyed, guests seek us out again. This demand for CF Dominicana cigars now allows for retail cigar stores to affiliate and get in on the action.


So have a good time, celebrate and above all, Enjoy.

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