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Cigar rollers and events by CF Dominicana – Cigar Catering® - offer not just cigar rollers but a complete presentation suitable only for black-tie events. Weddings are of course a natural, however, awards dinners, celebrity red carpet events, high-end venues such as an elite restaurants and nightclubs are all clients of the famous cigar brand making CF's events Department crucial to planning the event.


Packages are based on an individual basis and usually on headcount. The amount of guests will automatically dictate the amount of cigar is necessary to properly have on hand for the crowd. Further, the type of cigars is also an issue. Remaining on the mild side with Connecticut shade cigars – SoHo - is the better way to go when dealing with large groups of people.


For the sake of the wedding reception, no bride likes to have bears reception turned into a cigar party, so it's best to have shorter and milder cigars. This way, those who decide to light up will not be outside and separated from the main crowd., the packages start at $1000 and are individually quoted in relation to each guest list. Typically, the average premium CF Dominicana cigar should be between four and six dollars. Of course, interaction with the guests is something that cannot be easily bought. CF Dominicana has hosts, who are experienced and knowledgeable with cigars to interact and answer questions by the guests. This makes me entire presentation worth while. There is no fine with him roller just merely putting his head down and rolling cigars, but unfortunately brides don't think about presentation until they see it at the reception and, it's too late.


CF Dominicana cigar rollers are in place to make the event successful as the agenda of the company is to make certain that 2% of each guest list become a customer. With this agenda, accountability to the brand is paramount and brides receive great attention in regards to their event. This has led to features on Platunum Weddings and other wedding affiliated magazines such as MODERN BRIDE AND INSIDE WEDDINGS.