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The Anaheim Ducks' front office were the the most noteworthy friends of the company during 2005 through 2010 when CF Dominicana cigars were quickly contracted when the Ducks won game 6 of their Stanley Cup victory. Since then, the popularity grew to include cigar roller events throughout San Diego and Southern California with weddings, Golf and Corporate Events. Get a quote for your event

Cigar roller San Diego wedding and golf events

Events performed by a San Diego Cigar Roller from CF Dominicana have created some loyal followers of the "CF" brand. CF Dominicana cigars have been very well received by San Diego and Anaheim clients. Cigar Rollers rolled, Cigars were lit and liquor flowed during the celebration after the last game with Teemu Selanne and Niedermayer. The cigar model at that event was the Tribeca and Chelsea cigars each with very high-end Dominican filler with Connecticut shade wrapper Maduro leaf.

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Cigar Roller demonstrations or also known as Cigar Catering® is truly an upscale contribution for special events. Two hours gives enough time for all of your guests to catch a glimpse of a cigar being created right in front of their eyes. One of our event planners or "Cigar Caterers" will help you to integrate the cigar rolling demonstration in the best way possible to contribute to the success of your event. Your Cigar Caterer will also help to plan for your event in any city. No travel costs apply which makes the experience far more attainable than ever before. Expert event planners will ensure that your cigar roller demonstration gets the maximum impact for your guests. We currently have 18 cigar rollers available in 29 cities. Get a quote for your event

San Diego custom cigar orders with custom labels

Cigar rollers in San Diego have fueled the markets further north. Our customer base is not only the affluent residents from Chula Vista and La Mesa but corporate clientele such as the Anaheim convention Center.

Cigars are expensive in California with the tax being especially to local merchants however, top end cigar companies will always rise as the choice to smoke premium cigar is fueled by pleasure not price. Typically small merchants in San Diego have become inferior cigar makers similar to what has happened in the Southeast as the taxes and overhead for cigars have become increasingly burdensome.

No cigars are made in San Diego, all imported from Dominican Republic

San Diego remains a major market for us for over eight years and our cigars have been perfected with the feedback from our exclusive, niche clientele.

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Note: phones may be closed for scheduled cigar roller events. You will be given the direct cell phone of your area manager for real-time contact during these hours.

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