Cigar Rollers – Events in 24 cities with No Travel Costs, see directory

Cigar Rollers and Cigars for your event will be arranged to match perfectly with your party. Your cigar roller can be matched with Cigar Servers and Custom Cigar Bands are designed to be on each cigar presented at thte event. The best part is the cigars are great, the rollers are experienced with upscale affairs and know how to interect with guests which is really what it’s all about, entertainment for your guests.

Cigar Roller demonstrations or Cigar Catering® are offered in 24 cities with no travel costs by CF Dominicana Cigars. This truly upscale contribution for special events is now made available and affordable for your next Big Day. Two hours gives enough time for all of your guests to catch a glimpse of a cigar being created right in front of their eyes. One of our event planners or “Cigar Caterers” will help you to integrate the cigar rolling demonstration in the best way possible to contribute to the success of your event. Your Cigar Caterer will also help to plan for your event in any city. No travel costs apply which makes the experience far more attainable than ever before. Expert event planners will ensure that your cigar roller demonstration gets the maximum impact for your guests. We currently have cigar rollers available in 17 cities.

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