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Cigar Roller for hire near you for Wedding, Golf and Events for an experience your guests will remember
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Cigar Roller for Wedding, Corporate, Golf, Custom Cigar Labels, Cigar Rollers for a party near you, all coordinated with your personal in-house "cigar planner".


June 1, 2022 NEW for 2022 Wedding Season, introducing "VIP Stash" custom label cigars designed for each Groomsmen with their initials, including the Dads. Available with or without a cigar roller feature. Cigar Roller for wedding, golf and corporate events with dates from 4/1/22 through 12/31/22. Cigar Roller for wedding, golf and corporate events with dates from today through July 7, 2022.


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Cigar Roller for hire now in 29 Cities for 2022 with 16 authentic, Latin, Cigar Rollers with imported cigars for premier quality in product and visual presentation. No travel costs because CF Dominicana Cigars' cigar rollers are residents in the cities where they perform. All events use imported, CF Dominicana Cigars from the Dominican Republic. Custom Cigar Bands with every cigar roller event designed and included, free.


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CF DOMINICANA is the only cigar brand to offer authentic cigar roller feature performances for upscale events. Cigars rolled at your Wedding, Golf or Corporate party are imported unfinished from the Dominican Republic using Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf on all cigars, we complete the cigars at your event.


A Cigar roller feature at golf, weddings, corporate events and virtually every upscale event imaginable are provided with your own in-house, personal cigar planner. Premium Imported cigars from the Dominican republic, innovative cigar events with top, sociable cigar roller talent, custom cigar labels created by graphics designers, experienced in-house cigar event planners and a dedication to using only "Grade 1" Dominican Ligero filler is what CF Dominicana Cigars' Cigar Catering® is all about.

We are the only premium cigar brand that easily becomes part of our customer's lives and special memories. Old World tradition in the creation of our cigars with cigar rollers that are dedicated to their craft combined with guest interaction, brings a fresh approach to an otherwise conventional cigar industry and makes this feature an experience for your event.

Planning your Cigar Roller feature with CF Dominicana Cigars for your next special event

Cigar Catering® gives you an assigned cigar consultant to help you plan to ensure the feature is a success at your big event. A Cigar Planner is important whether you do - or don't - know anything about cigars. The quality, size and type of cigars to match your event is important yet often overlooked by conventional wedding and event planners. CF provides Master Cigar Rollers who are friendly, warm, speak English and selected specifically to be in contact with your guests. We guarantee you a professionally executed flair to your event.