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October 12, 2020 NEW! Cigars provided at Cigar Roller wedding, golf and corporate events with dates from today through July 7, 2022 can now include other brands such as Montecristo, Macanudo, Rocky Patel, Romeo y Julieta and more. *ALSO NEW! Custom Designed Cigar Labels INCLUDED for all events and custom cigar orders.


Cigar Roller events in 27 Cities with 16 Authentic, Latin, Cigar Rollers with imported cigars for premier quality in product and visual presentation. No travel costs because CF Dominicana Cigars' cigar rollers are residents in the cities where they perform. All events use imported, CF Dominicana Cigars from the Dominican Republic. New, Custom Cigar Bands with every cigar roller event designed and included, free of charge.


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Other Cigar brands available, Macanudo, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Rocky Patel, and more




CF DOMINICANA is the only cigar brand to offer authentic cigar roller feature performances for upscale events.

Cigars rolled on site are imported unfinished from the Dominican Republic using Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf on all cigars.

Cigar Roller Events and Cigar Servers with Premium Cigars and Custom Cigar Bands

A Cigar roller feature at golf, weddings, corporate events and virtually every upscale event imaginable are provided with your personal consultant. Premium cigars, innovative cigar events with top, sociable cigar roller talent, custom cigar bands created by graphics designers, experienced in-house event planners and a dedication to using only the first grade of Dominican Ligero blend is what CF Dominicana Cigars Cigar Catering® is all about.

We are the only premium cigar brand that easily becomes part of our customer's lives and special memories. Old World tradition in the creation of our cigars with cigar rollers dedicated to the craft combined with Modern Day technology to encourage customer interaction, brings a fresh approach to an otherwise conventional cigar industry.

Cigar Roller Feature with CF Dominicana Cigars for Your Special Day

Cigar Catering® consultants will help plan with you to ensure one of the most successful feature to your big event, even if you don't know anything about cigars. Your initials are included free on all of your CF Dominicana cigars with custom cigar bands - yes, free of charge.

Master Cigar Rollers who are friendly, warm and selected specifically to be in contact with our clients are coordinated with our own event planners (Cigar Caterers®) to guarantee you a professionally executed flair to your event. Also, our wholesale divison now makes CF Dominicana Cigars available in high-end tobacconist's stores nationwide.

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Large Guest Lists are common with cigar roller corporate events such as trade shows and conventions, usually need more logistical planning and coordination so that your vision works successfully. Event locations with vast area to cover may require a Cigar Server to serve guests cigars so guests do not have to make a trip to your cigar roller's table.

The quality of the cigars is very important and often overlooked by planners. CF Dominicana is a cigar brand with cigars imported from the Dominican Republic and presented at your event. Your cigar roller will roll cigars that are imported unfinished so that the cigar demonstration becomes an authentic experience for your guests.

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