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Cigar Servers and Cigar Rollers by Cigar Catering®
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Cigar roller with cigar servers for Weddings and Special Events

Cigar Roller, Cigar Servers

Cigar servers hand out imported Robustos and Churchills which are most popular at wedding and corporate events

Cigar Servers as they look when serving cigars

Cigar Servers are best at cigar roller events with large guest lists

Remember the old movies with the "cigarette girls" serving cigarettes to the nightclub guests? Well, CF Dominicana now introduces our Cigar Servers to "float" the room of your event serving cigars. You can have a "Cigar Server" booked for the same time as your cigar roller throughout the US and dressed in modest evening attire to add the most classic, upscale flair to your entire event.

CF Dominicana's cigar servers will hand out cigars in a way that's reminiscent of the lounges from the 1930's. Your "CF" Cigar Server will "float" the room with our unique cigar trays and hand out cigars personally to your guests - complete with your own custom designed cigar bands - now that's cool.

The visual of having a Cigar Server along with a Cigar Roller that's rolling the cigars at the event lets your guests know they are at a truly special occasion.

Cigar Catering works especially well for large events
Cigar server's cigar being lit