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Cigars and wine had been one of the best combinations when out on the town in the market Street along with other hotspots in San Francisco.


San Francisco Cigar Roller events in Oakland to Sacramento are also included in our serviceable areas.

Cigar Rollers are a favorite of Wine connoisseurs and often, cigar aficionados request this feature for weddings, golf and corporate trade shows throughout the year. Upscale residents of North California such as Coppola and Mondavi, San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento make up the third-largest market for CF Dominicana Cigars.


You will be assigned an in-house planner or "Cigar Caterer" that help you plan for any of the cigar features for a successful big night.. No travel costs apply which makes the experience far more attainable than ever before. Expert event planners will ensure that your cigar roller demonstration gets the maximum impact for your guests. We currently have cigar rollers available in 29 cities.


These clients are discerning and know what they want. Our relationships with cigar lovers and events in the Union Square area have made San Francisco this springboard for our premium cigars and cigar rollers.


Taxes are quite high for cigars and local merchants have become scarce in particular cigar manufacturers. However we are the cigar brand preferred with these San Francisco audience and continue to fuel the Northern California cigar lifestyle. Enjoy.



Mon - Thurs 9am - 5pm
Fri - Sun 9am - 2pm, Note: phones may be closed for
scheduled cigar roller events. You will be given the direct cell
phone of your area manager for real-time contact during these hours.