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Wedding, golf and corporate cigar Roller performances are custom quoted for each event
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16 cigar rollers servicing 29 cities brings a cigar roller near your and a huge hit for your next Big Event

Cigar Roller events planner for Wedding and Golf events with custom cigar labels

Pricing and quotes are created for cigar rollers, cigar servers or custom orders and all include personalized custom cigar bands.

Cigar rollers, Custom Cigar Bands, Cigar Servers and CF Dominicana Cigars all brought together and you set the price

Cigar Catering® Packages are custom quoted for your specific event

Cigar rollers, Custom Cigar Bands, Cigar Servers and CF Dominicana Cigars all brought together and you set the priceCIGAR ROLLERS - CF Dominicana custom quotes each event due to each event having a different amount of guests and cigars that are more appropriate for certain events than others.

CF Dominicana has cigar rollers that reside in the cities we service - there no travel costs in these cities. Also, our rollers are suitable for upscale events and will contribute to the success of your special day. CF Dominicana takes great care in personally selecting our Cigar Rollers. 2 hours of cigar rolling works best for most guest lists. Your guests will have enough time to enjoy watching how cigars are created while allowing the roller to go slow enough to answer questions and interact with your guests. In cities where our rollers do not speak English, a host will also be included at no extra charge.

Cigars can be customized for events and purchased seperately without a cigar roller. Custom Orders are done daily and work best for smaller events.CUSTOM CIGAR BANDS - FREE DESIGN NOW! We have GRAPHICS DESIGNERS that create your custom monogram cigar bands using Photoshop software. We do not use outside vendors. You can have your design created now at no charge to view from your computer! Our in-house graphics are either professional or students from the School of Visual Arts. Your personal cigar bands send the entire presentation "over the top". Click for more cigar bands samples; Custom Cigar Bands

Cigar Catering Cigars PricingCF DOMINICANA CIGARS Our demonstration shows how our "Soho" Cigars are created while your guests look on. Robustos are rolled at the event to ensure guests are entertained, and their questions are answered.

Example of initials designed for custom bands on the scondary ringYOUR INITIALS - FREE FOR LIFE! Now that you are a client, you will enjoy every cigar you purchase from us in the future with your initials at no charge. No other cigar brand delivers such a personal flair to their product and is attracting media attention everywhere. Our in-house graphics makes this all possible because at CF Dominicana, "..we take it personally."






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